Packing Services

Don’t have the time to pack your entire house or office? Leave it to Cal 1 Moving and Storage. We have the experience in packing homes and offices, have a antiques or delicate art? we carry all packing materials to protect your valuables.

Call and speak to a live professional now: (855) 407-6616

Still want to pack by yourself? Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t wait until the last minute!
  • Get the proper boxes for your items – the right sizes and strengths.
  • Pack a few boxes each night so that it’s not overwhelming.
  • Pack the items you’re not going to use before your move first.
  • Distribute the weight evenly in each box.
  • Pack small boxes with books and heavier items (under 40 lbs. please)
  • Pack large boxes with linens, clothes and pillows.
  • Use your empty suitcases for your clothing.
  • You can use blankets, towels and small pillows to pack fragile items.
  • Use strong tape to close your boxes.
  • Prepare your computer and back-up all your important files.
  • If possible move your computer equipment yourself.
  • Pack all your jewelry and priceless possessions yourself.
  • Pack an “Open me First” box with any important must have items.
  • Label all your boxes by indicating the area of your home where they belong: Kitchen, den, master bedroom, bathroom, etc.

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